Prizes and grants 2018

NWO Valorisatieprijs 2017
Erwin Peterman and Gijs Wuite
ERC Advanced Grant
Erwin Peterman
VU Amsterdam Start Contribution
Imran Avci
Marie Curie Individual Fellowship
Wojciech Nawrocki: The Fate of Excitation in Photoinhibited Chloroplasts
Hacking Photosynthesis: a biosensor for environmental pollutants
Dr V.M. (Vincent) Friebe (m), VU, Biophysics
In order to sustain our increasing food demand, novel herbicides are constantly being developed in order to improve crop yields. This research seeks to create an accessible biosensor which is specific and sensitive to herbicides residues found in our ecosystem, drinking water and food.
The molecular strategy of plants against sunburn
Dr N. (Nicoletta) Liguori (f), VU - Physics and Astronomy
By discarding the excess absorbed energy (photoprotection), plants avoid photodamage. Protein conformational switches trigger photoprotection. How these switches are regulated is poorly understood. The researcher will develop a novel ultrafast spectroscopy method and combine it with state-of-the-art molecular dynamics to determine it.