Prizes and Grants 2011

ERC starting grant
Prof. dr. Roberta Croce (25 July 2011)

ERC Proof of Concept
Dr. Davide Iannuzzi:  Small, but many: scalability to volume production in fiber-top technology (10 March 2011)

Dr. Bart van Oort: Mapping photosynthetic energy migration in relation to stress with novel microscopies (20 July 2011) 

Prof. dr. Roberta Croce: Harvesting the sun....safely (26 January 2011)

Dr. Erwin Peterman: Intracellular-traffic monitoring in living animals with single-motor resolution (26 January 2011)

Dr. Freek Ariese, Prof. dr. Wilfried Niessen and Prof. dr. Peter Schoenmakers: Instrumentation for targeted bioanalysis of living systems (1 February 2011)

NWO Middelgroot
Prof. dr. Marloes Groot: Hoe doen enzymen hun werk? (1 February 2011)

NWO Middelgroot
Dr. John Kennis: From sunlight to fuel: a versatile all-timescale spectrophotometer to assess solar energy conversion in artificial photosynthetic devices. (1 February 2011) 

Dr. Yves Bollen en dr. Erwin Peterman

NWO Vernieuweingsimpuls
Dr.  Steven Knoop: Giant few-body states probed with ultracold atoms (1 June 2011)

Prof. dr. Ton van Leeuwen: IOP PHOTONIC DEVICES PROJECT LCHH OCT: Low-cost handheld optical coherence tomography device. (total subsidy 1.25 M€, 2011-2015)

EMBO Long-Term Fellowship
Dr. Graeme King: Quantifying the Biophysical Properties of DNA (June 2011)

APS Beller Lectureship
Prof. dr. Rienk van Grondelle

G.G. Stokes Award
Prof. dr. Johannes de Boer

Best poster prize at the "Nano meets spectroscopy" conference in Teddington, UK
Title: Time-Resolved, Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Ingeborg Iping Petterson, Biomolecular Spectroscopy group