Access Facilities

LaserLaB Amsterdam Access Facilities

European scientists are invited to submit proposals for using the Access Facilities of LaserLaB Amsterdam, via the webinterface of Laserlab-Europe ( It is helpful if those interested first contact the local scientists at LaserLaB Amsterdam to discuss the opportunities, possibilities and limitations of the equipment. Below the access facilities are described and local contact persons indicated.

  1. The phase-controlled parametric amplifier TeraWatt laser system 
  2. The narrowband tunable tunable pulsed dye amplifier setup 
  3. Time-resolved visible pump/mid-IR probe setup 
  4. Multi-pulse ultrafast transient absorption spectrometer 
  5. The ultra-narrowband pulsed Ti:Sa setup with deep-UV extensions 
  6. The frequency comb setup for absolute frequency metrology experiments 
  7. The gas phase cavity-ring down facility   
  8. The liquid-phase and surface evanescent-wave cavity ring down detection setup
  9. Setup for video-microscopy of biological molecular motors
10. Doppler Electrophoretic Light Scattering Analyzer
11. Facility for combined optical trapping, single-molecule fluorescence and microfluidics experiments on DNA
12. Microscope for wide-field, single-molecule fluorescence imaging
13. Confocal microscope for single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy
14. Facility for optical trapping of multiple DNA molecules in combination with microfluidics